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Published on May 27, 2024
Tempe Siblings' Musical Tribute to Veterans Strikes a Chord on YouTube, Honoring Heroes on Memorial DaySource: Unsplash/ Joao Cruz

In a heartfelt Memorial Day gesture, three siblings from Tempe, Arizona, have channeled the power of music and social media to create a tribute to American military service members. Known collectively as "Life in 3D," the Veater siblings—Daylon, Daura, and Devon—have become a YouTube sensation, with a subscriber count topping 115,000. The trio began their musical journey a few years back, with their talent quickly recognized by their parents who gifted them a microphone for Christmas, and now honor veterans with their harmonies.

About three months prior to the holiday, "Life in 3D" struck upon the idea to craft a video titled "The Last Goodbye, a Memorial Day Tribute" after they came across a news article detailing the lives of World War II veterans. Devon told AZFamily, "Our parents were like, wow that’s not normal, and so they got us a microphone for Christmas, and that’s when we first started recording.” Emotionally stirred by these stories, the siblings reached out to their YouTube community, asking for photos and tales of loved ones who served in the war, which resulted in hundreds of submissions.

According to Daylon in an interview with AZFamily, upon hearing the WWII stories, "You hear it, and you can just hear an emotion inside of you." The tribute video serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made, aiming to awaken a deeper appreciation for the nation's history and those who shaped it. Daura added, highlighting the project’s import, "This video opened an awareness and a desire to known. To know more about these people and to also continue that trend throughout this generation and into the next."

The Memorial Day video, demonstrating a creative outpouring of gratitude, is more than just a set of harmonized melodies – it's a narrative woven from the threads of memory, sacrifice, and legacy. As Daylon poignantly expressed to AZFamily, "If we don’t remember these people then how else are we going to know how much we have.” Their project has clearly struck a chord with the public, instilling in an era apt to forget, a renewed sense of reverence for the past. The full video is available to watch via a link hosted by AZFamily.

Those moved by the stirring tribute and willing to engage with the past, can view "Life in 3D’s" homage to the veterans on YouTube. With the community's engagement, the Veater siblings have crafted something that transcends the trappings of modern digital engagement, honoring a legacy that many fear is fading from collective memory. As reported by AllSides, the group’s tale began with a simple Christmas gift, leading to an online following, and now to a profound gesture of remembrance that has resonated with many.