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Published on May 03, 2024
Three Lucky Illinoisans Win $1 Million Each from Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets in Chicago and JacksonvilleSource: Google Street View

Three Illinois residents are hitting the jackpot, each cashing in on a cool $1 million from the state's lottery scratch-off tickets. Not restricted to just massive draws like Mega Millions or Powerball, these winners nabbed their seven-figure prizes from the "$10 Million" instant ticket game, reports NBC Chicago. It seems that fortune favors the bold—and in this case, those willing to drop $50 on a ticket in Illinois.

The winning tickets were sold at two locations in Chicago and one in Jacksonville. The Party House, located at 1818 West Morton Avenue, the BP at 2107 South Western Avenue, and Millennium News and Views at 151 East Randolph Street can now all tout their status as lucky landmarks. According to NBC Chicago, these prizes make the winners the seventh, eighth, and ninth to quickly snatch up $1 million payouts, leaving the game's three $10 million top prizes still up for grabs.

Each of the winning players has since turned a $50 gamble into a lifetime supply of bragging rights. And the retailers haven't been left out in the cold either; as per the Illinois Lottery's policy, each store selling a winning ticket will receive a $10,000 bonus. That's a 1% cut of the winnings for just dispensing a piece of paper—that's not too shabby.

The "$10 Million" scratch-off stands out not just for its massive prizes but also for offering players the best odds to win $500 of any lottery game in Illinois. This information was shared by the Illinois Lottery, which also noted that in 2024 so far, more than 22 million winning tickets have been sold, yielding over $563 million in total prizes. This windfall has been distributed not only to those with the luck to pick the right scratch-off but also to support the retailers helping make these grand prizes possible, as highlighted by WGN TV.

For anyone feeling the stir of luck, more information about the Illinois Lottery and the games on offer can be found by visiting their official site.