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Published on May 29, 2024
Wright County Law Enforcement Reports Over Two Dozen Arrests, Including Theft and DWI ChargesSource: Facebook/Wright County Sheriff's Office

Crime doesn't take a holiday in Wright County, with law enforcement agencies reporting numerous arrests in the past week.  More than two dozen individuals were taken into custody for a variety of offenses ranging from domestic assault to drug possession.

Among those arrested were Noah Omar-Jahi Eskridge, 24, and Marviell Ji'Col-Quyntor James, 22, both apprehended on May 20 in Sherburne County, according to Washington County Minnesota. They face charges for allegedly receiving stolen property and possession of a controlled substance. In a similar crackdown on theft and drug-related activities, Yssach Taroi-Jathan Lankford, 23, has been accused of financial card fraud and smuggling contraband into a correctional facility.

Domestic disputes also appeared to dominate the crime landscape, with several individuals arrested on domestic assault charges. Willie Clarence Hampton, 42, and Gustavo Braulio Payan Ponce, 26, both from Monticello, were booked for domestic assault and related offenses. Monticello seems to hardly navigate a day without such domestic cases holding the community in a grim waltz.

Impaired driving continues to threaten public safety on Wright County roads. Arrests included Alex Joseph Kraemer, 27, David Blake Butler, 36, and Derek Evan Hostetler, 36, all charged with third-degree DWI, as per Washington County Minnesota. Further incidents saw Gabriel Thomas Heimel, 21, face second-degree assault charges and Randy Figuereo Ortiz, 40, arrested for domestic assault.

The weekly summary emphasized the ongoing commitment of the Sheriff’s Office to ensuring public safety. In the period under review, law enforcement responded to 19 property damage accidents, 4 personal injury accidents, 5 hit-and-run incidents, and 9 car deer accidents. Traffic violations remained steady with 93 tickets issued apart from the arrests for 3 DWIs and 7 school bus stop arm violations.

For the full list of arrests and more details, the Wright County Sheriff’s Office report provides further information on the incidents and those involved. As the community heads into the summer months, eyes remain watchful, with law enforcement on high alert to preserve the peace and deter criminal activity.