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Published on June 12, 2024
74-Year-Old Kentucky Man Charged in Road Rage Shooting on Pennyrile ParkwaySource: Google Street View

A 74-year-old man found himself under arrest following a road rage incident that escalated to gunfire on the Pennyrile Parkway in southern Kentucky. On Tuesday afternoon, deputies responded to a situation that had passengers in one vehicle fearing for their lives as shots rang out, nearly turning a common traffic scuffle into a deadly confrontation.

The Christian County Sheriff's Office reported that they were called around 4:30 p.m. in response to the incident. Deputies managed to conduct a high-risk traffic stop after Daniel Coffman, the alleged shooter, continued to follow the victims even after discharging his weapon. During the stop, which was assisted by the Hopkinsville Police Department, Coffman was detained and purportedly confessed to the shooting. Yet, he claimed his intentions were merely to "scare the victims", as mentioned in a statement obtained by WSMV.

However, the reality of Coffman's actions spoke harsher truths than his words could mask. A Hopkinsville Police Department officer assisting in the detention found a bullet hole in the victims' bumper, a fact contrasting sharply with Coffman's version of the events, where he suggested the shots were aimed harmlessly into the air. This piece of evidence contributed to the charges filed against Coffman.

Daniel Coffman now faces serious charges of first-degree wanton endangerment, a crime that implies a profound disregard for the safety of others. His actions are not only indicative of a growing concern over road rage incidents but also raise unsettling questions about gun use and the troubling impulses that might compel someone to quickly escalate to potentially lethal means over minor disputes.

No injuries were reported in the incident, a fortunate turn in what could have unfolded into a more tragic tale. As the story was covered by multiple outlets, a news release from the Christian County Sheriff’s Department provided details of the event, and additional reporting by FOX 17 also brought to light the charges and circumstances surrounding the incident. As the case moves forward, it continues to echo the broader societal challenges related to gun violence and aggressive behavior on the road.