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Published on June 21, 2024
Acworth Partners with ACA for Rena Hilton Theatre at Roberts School, Boosting Local Arts SceneSource: Google Street View

Acworth is setting the stage for a new cultural landmark—a black box theatre at the Roberts School Community Center. In a presentation at the Thursday, June 20 regular city council meeting, Acworth Cultural Arts Center (ACA) and city officials penned a Memorandum of Understanding, marking a collaborative step towards enriching the local arts scene. This move, backed by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, means the future Rena Hilton Theatre at Roberts School could soon be a hub for creativity and community engagement.

The commitment to establish a community theatre by the ACA is a testament to the city's vision of fostering an arts-centric environment. According to a report from the City of Acworth's website, the officials "support ACA’s efforts to establish a community theatre in the City of Acworth." The name of the theatre, a nod to Rena Hilton, anchors its purpose to the community's heritage and aspirations. With such unwavering backing, the cultural foundation of Acworth is poised for a significant boost.

Moreover, the city council meeting agenda didn't just highlight intentions but also spelled out participation invitations. Acworth officials are not only advocating but encouraging residents to play their part in this cultural renaissance. Eager to see the transformative power of the arts at play, "The City of Acworth encourages citizens to participate in Acworth Cultural Arts to help continue to grow a thriving Arts scene within the community" is the clear message coming from the council chambers.

Supporters of the ACA and the Rena Hilton Theatre at Roberts School can look forward to a burgeoning arts scene, with the promise of more details to emerge in the coming months. Engagement with the arts has always been a crucial facet of community identity and vitality, and Acworth's latest move embodies this principle fully. As the curtain prepares to rise on this new theatre, it is the community's enthusiasm and active participation that will ultimately write its success story.