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Published on June 21, 2024
Ann A. Scott Timmer to Reshape Arizona's Judiciary as Next Chief Justice, Introduces Strategic Vision for Court SystemSource: Wikipedia/Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Arizona's judiciary is poised for a reshaping under the leadership of the soon-to-be Chief Justice Ann A. Scott Timmer. In a significant judicial ceremony known as the Passing of the Gavel, which took place in Tucson, Timmer received official recognition as the next Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court, ready to succeed Chief Justice Robert M. Brutinel after his term concludes on June 30. Alongside Timmer, Justice John R. Lopez IV was named Vice Chief Justice, as announced during the event.

The elections, which are an internal affair, see the Chief and Vice Chief Justices voted into their five-year terms by their fellow justices. According to a released agenda, with collaboration from not just court personnel but various stakeholders across the state, Timmer is bringing a fresh strategic focus to the courts. This agenda bears the proclamation, "…and Justice for All," and can be viewed online.

Justice Timmer's vision encapsulates five key priorities for the court system: ensuring access to justice for all, securing the public's trust and confidence, safeguarding children, families, and communities, pursuing excellence and innovation in the judiciary, and fostering professionalism and leadership. Details of these priorities, including supporting projects and objectives, are elaborated within the strategic agenda — a document that is expected to be dynamic, responding to the evolving needs of Arizona's court system.

Timmer's strategy hinges on cooperation from the full spectrum of the state's judicial apparatus and underscores an intention to better the legal landscape of Arizona. Equipped with specific milestones, the agenda is positioned to serve as a roadmap for the next half-decade. For those interested in Timmer's specific plans for the judiciary, the complete "…and Justice for All" agenda is accessible through a link provided by the Arizona Supreme Court. Readers can delve into the details, witnessing the prospective changes waiting on the horizon as the gavel, is passed on July 1, 2024.