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Published on June 20, 2024
Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs Signs Groundbreaking Water Sustainability Bills, Vows to Protect ResourcesSource: Office of the Governor - Katie Hobbs

Arizona's approach to water sustainability took center stage yesterday as Governor Katie Hobbs signed into law a trio of water management bills that received bipartisan support. These newly minted laws put emphasis on conservation, alternative water use, and securing resources for future generations, according to a statement from the governor's office.

Among the legislation is SB 1081, which enables collaboration between agricultural users and the City of Buckeye to make use of renewable surface and recycled water, potentially reducing the heavy reliance on groundwater that has long been a concern. Governor Hobbs heralded the legislation for "put in place smart, responsible policies that strengthen our water management laws and encourage continued growth," as per the Office of the Governor. Also included in the package, SB 1181 and SB 1243, aim to ease the pathway for both communities, and water providers towards a reliable 100-year Assured Water Supply and strengthen access to backup water supplies.

In addition to signing the new laws, the Governor made the decision to veto several bills favored by corporate entities that, according to Hobbs, would have compromised water security for homeowners, businesses, and the community at large. As reported by the Office of the Governor, the details of the vetoed legislation were not outlined in the press release provided by the governor's office, but she emphasized her commitment to maintaining strict water safeguards in her statement: "I won’t compromise in rejecting bills that threaten our water future and endanger the strongest water protection laws in the country."