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Published on June 21, 2024
Atlanta Embraces Copa América Excitement with Sold-Out Stadiums and Fan Festivities as Ticket Prices SoarSource: Google Street View

As the fervor around Copa América envelopes Atlanta, the city prepares for an influx of football fans with tickets prices soaring and a slew of events leading up to the matches. According to FOX5 Atlanta, the highly anticipated match between Canada and Argentina on Thursday has kicked the average ticket price up to a staggering $435, while Argentina's games are commanding an average of $462, thanks to the undeniable allure of Lionel Messi.

The "Messi Effect" isn't the only thing driving up demand, as Canada's games are averaging tickets at $307; it's becoming clear that the Great White North's presence is more than just a polite nod in the football frenzy, with Argentine fans predicted to account for two-thirds of the attendees, creating an electric atmosphere within the bounds of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

But it's not just about the 90 minutes on the pitch, the city pulses with excitement as fan-centric activities dominate from the leafy suburbs to downtown's concrete backdrop. Discover Atlanta details an 'Argentina-style' pep rally at Wild Heaven Brewery, an all-ages pregame party at Wild Leap, replete with a live DJ, and an after-party featuring ECKO, designed to satiate the city's appetite for football and fun alike.

The anticipation for the Copa América isn't constrained to one country’s fanbase, as the United States gears up for their own clash with Panama on the 27, the American Outlaws supporters group is throwing a party the night before, to ramp up the excitement for fans, remember, Truly Hard Seltzer and SweetWater Brewing Co. are sponsoring it, so expect beverage specials to flow as freely as the football chat.

Whether it's the prospect of the Argentina vs. Canada match-up or the advent of the US Men's National Team grace on the finely trimmed grass of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta has hitched its wagon to the Copa América star, demonstrating the unifying spirit of the game and eclectic southern hospitality to anyone with an eye on the action or an ear for the revelry.