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Published on June 12, 2024
Carlsbad Police Arrest Two Women Suspected of Organized Retail TheftSource: Carlsbad Police Department

In a recent report by the Carlsbad Police Department, a routine day unfolded with an uncommon scenario. The episode began when Officer Narbeth responded to a shoplifting report from a local grocery store. Upon arrival, the story unfolded rapidly: four women allegedly walked out with about five bags of groceries without rendering payment, only to later abandon their vehicle in the parking lot.

The law enforcement response was swift, with officers noticing a slew of clothing—still tagged and scattered—within the deserted van. Deciding to earnestly wait for the suspects' return, the Crime Suppression Team's patience paid off when two women eventually made their way back to the vehicle. Without hesitation, a traffic stop was initiated the moment the women attempted to leave, resulting in their detention on suspicion of shoplifting.

But the discoveries didn't end at purloined produce. A thorough search of the van revealed a trove more valuable than the fresh spoils of a grocery run. Officers unearthed a large black bag teeming with beauty cosmetics, valued in the thousands of dollars, alongside the clothing. This cache led to the women's arrest on charges including theft of merchandise with intent to sell, possession of stolen property, and conspiracy to commit theft. The scope and variety of the items suggested an organized strategy designed to systematically victimize multiple stores.

The commendable vigilance of the store manager played a pivotal role in this incident. "Their detailed descriptions of the women, their vehicle, and their actions were crucial in assisting Officer Narbeth and the Crime Suppression Team officers in apprehending these individuals," the Carlsbad Police Department posted. The successful resolution of this incident stands as a testament to the synergy between observant citizens and the diligent work of law enforcement officials.