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Published on June 21, 2024
Cochise County to Conduct Voter System Tests Ahead of Primaries, Public Invited to ObserveSource: Facebook/Cochise County - Government

Residents of Cochise County should mark their calendars, as the Election Department gears up for the logic and accuracy testing of the election systems that will ensure the smooth sailing of the vote come July 30. The testing is scheduled to commence on June 25, according to the City of Tombstone's official website. This preliminary step is a critical safeguard that verifies voting machines and systems are in top shape and properly calibrated to accurately tally the ballots cast by voters.

In preparation for the all-important primaries, the Cochise County Elections Department will open its doors to the public for this necessary procedure, and while it may seem like a mere technicality, its significance is paramount in maintaining the integrity of the electoral process, which can't be overstated especially given past contentions surrounding election validity and the subsequent public scrutiny that now closely follows these procedures.

System testing shall be held on Tuesday, June 25, at 10 am at the office of the Cochise County Election Department, 1415 Melody Lane Building E, Bisbee, Arizona, as per the City of Tombstone.