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Published on June 19, 2024
Explosion Shock in Mesa, Police Probe Suspected Explosive Device on Resident's DoorstepSource: Google Street View

Mesa police are currently investigating an incident where an explosive device reportedly was placed on a doorstep, resulting in personal injury and damage to a home. According to ABC15, officers responded around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday to a call near Arizona Avenue and Guadalupe Road. The homeowner, after receiving an alert on his front door camera, was injured by shattered glass when a loud bang occurred as he approached the door.

The damage from the explosion was extensive, affecting primarily the front entryway of the residence. Initially believed to be a gunfire incident, the extent of the ruin was soon determined to be far beyond what a bullet could inflict. Based on the investigation so far, police believe the explosion might have been caused by a large firework or another type of explosive device.

In a separate report from AZFamily, the owner of the damaged home, Nick Scherr, recounted the harrowing experience. Scherr, whose doorway camera caught the incident on film, was watching TV when he was startled by the ring alert. "Everything had happened so fast. One minute I’m watching TV, the next minute I’m surrounded by officers," Scherr recounted.

According to Scherr, the glass from a shattered window hit him, fortunately causing only minor injuries. The victim estimated that the explosion caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage. "If I was two, three steps ahead of where I was, I opening a door into an explosion," he further explained the type of damage inflicted. “What the investigators told us, because we had crime scene here is the type of explosive rather than exploding these walls even though there’s damage it exploded up into the ceiling,” Scherr told AZFamily.

Following the incident, Scherr has increased his home’s security measures by adding five more cameras. Despite feeling violated by the attack, Scherr hopes the perpetrator will be held accountable. "It’s more of a frustration that you took the safety of my home away from me and that’s not fair," he said. Mesa Police have disclosed only a vague description of a male suspect and a possible suspect vehicle, with no arrests made at the moment.