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Published on June 08, 2024
Former Trump Aides Meadows and Roman Plead Not Guilty in Phoenix Court to 'Fake Electors' Scheme ChargesSource: Unsplash/ History in HD

In a Phoenix courtroom, former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Trump campaign's Election-Day operations director Michael Roman both pled not guilty to multiple felony charges linked to the Arizona alleged "fake electors" scheme. According to a report by FOX 10 Phoenix, the accusations stem from their involvement in an operation to submit counterfeit elector names with the intent to overturn former President Donald Trump's loss in Arizona to President Joe Biden.

Their court appearance, conducted via videoconference, resulted in a trial date set for October 31. Meadows and Roman chose to remain mostly silent during the hearings, providing only their personal identifications when questioned by Maricopa County Superior Court Commissioner Shellie Smith. Their counsels entered the not guilty pleas on their behalf, signaling their willingness to fully contest the charges. Meadows is specifically accused of admitting Trump's defeat internally, as a document cited in the same FOX 10 Phoenix report indicates his acknowledgment of the election outcome amongst White House staff.

The indictment, which charges 11 Arizona Republicans including prominent figures such as Rudy Giuliani and former state GOP chairwoman Kelli Ward, rises beyond the borders of Arizona. As 12 News reports, the larger intent behind this movement was to give former Vice President Mike Pence the autonomy to possibly reverse the 2020 election outcome. This effort, as stated by Attorney General Kris Mayes, was not contemplative of the actual election results but was designed to disrupt the certification process on January 6, 2021.

Despite the charges, which also encompass multiple other states, the defendants have consistently pled not guilty. Meadows, also facing related accusations in Georgia and Wisconsin, confronts a legal drama that stretches across state lines. Michael Roman, as well, has been charged in Wisconsin with forgery smoothly to relay questionable documentation—a charge his attorney vows to challenge, as mentioned in the FOX 10 Phoenix coverage. Moving forward, other individuals implicated in the scheme such as Jenna Ellis and James Lamon are scheduled to appear in court later this month.