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Published on June 21, 2024
Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul Offers Strategies to Avoid Ticket Scams During Concert SeasonSource: Google Street View

Summer in Illinois signals the start of concert and festival season, and Attorney General Kwame Raoul is stepping up with advice to help concertgoers avoid the disappointment of ticket scams. Raoul's concern is with the ease at which, fraudulent sellers can trick consumers into buying counterfeit tickets, especially through third-party vendors and private sales. To safeguard against such fraudulent activities, he suggests always using a credit card for ticket purchases, as this payment method offers additional protections.

In a statement issued by his office, Raoul added, "The proliferation of smart phones and online marketplaces have fundamentally changed the way many tickets are purchased for concerts and other entertainment events." He emphasizes the importance of being cautious, particularly given that "bad actors use that same technology to take advantage of consumers." His office provided several tips to Illinoisans which included, being watchful for secure websites, utilizing reputable ticket brokers, and steering clear of questionable payment methods like gift cards or cryptocurrency.

When looking to secure a spot at the next big event, one must ensure they are visiting legitimate websites, which should show "https," in the address, signaling a secure connection. According to guidance obtained from the Illinois Attorney General's office, consumers can also check a website's reputation by coupling the website's name with keywords like "scam" or "fake" in their search engine or checking with the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, it’s advisable to contact the venue to verify ticket authenticity before the event and to be knowledgeable about any attached terms or conditions.

Before clicking that purchase button, the Attorney General urges consumers to read through all policies thoroughly. Raoul articulates, "Most legitimate sellers offer guarantees regarding the timely delivery and authenticity of the ticket." In addition, he cautions against the allure of buy-now-pay-later schemes and layaway plans that seem convenient but could have hidden consequences, such as negative impacts on credit scores or high interest rates that may escape notice until it's too late. By being well-informed, Illinoisans can protect themselves and ensure their only summer experiences are good ones.

Ultimately, Attorney General Raoul's guidance aims to empower residents with the knowledge to make wise purchasing decisions. As the summer concert season hits its stride, he invites all to be vigilant shoppers, being aware of the various tricks used by scammers to avoid falling victim to what could ruin what should be an exciting and fun time.