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Published on June 12, 2024
Man Charged with Mayhem After Biting Off Ear in North Plymouth BrawlSource: Facebook/Plymouth Police Department

A violent altercation in North Plymouth this past weekend escalated beyond fists when one man's ear was gruesomely detached amid the brawl. According to the Plymouth Police Department, the dispute occurred in the early hours of Sunday, following a prolonged period of drinking that began on a sightseeing cruise and continued into various local establishments.

The incident took a dire turn when the two men, who had been imbibing since the daylight hours, returned to a residence in North Plymouth. It was there that a duel of fists gave way to a grimmer scene. While tussling, 39-year-old Michael O’Driscoll of Plymouth overpowered his 40-year-old adversary from Dorchester, and in a moment of unchecked fury, clamped down on the other man's ear. Despite the Dorchester man's pleas of "Don’t bite my ear off, Don’t bite my ear!" his cries were ignored, as noted in the disturbing account provided by the police.

Upon their arrival, officers were greeted by the grim sight of a "two inch" piece of the victim's ear preserved in a cup of ice water, a silent testament to the night's savage turn. O’Driscoll has since been charged with Assault and Battery with Serious Bodily Injury and Mayhem. The Plymouth Police Department's statement detailed that this severe incident was among a gamut of situations that officers had to respond to over the weekend, including domestic violence arrests, various accidents, and other disturbances.