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Published on June 18, 2024
McHenry County Sheriff’s Office Issues 244 Citations in "Click It or Ticket" Traffic Safety PushSource: Facebook/McHenry County Sheriff's Office

The McHenry County Sheriff's Office has wrapped up its Memorial Day "Click It or Ticket" campaign, and the numbers are in. Officers issued a notable 244 citations across the county in their latest effort to enforce traffic safety laws. The campaign, funded by federal highway safety dollars and managed by the Illinois Department of Transportation, puts a spotlight on the importance of buckling up.

It was not just about seat belts; the range of violations was broad. Among the 244 citations, there were 91 seat belt violations, indicative of the risks some still take on the road. According to a report shared by the authority, deputies also arrested 4 individuals on DUI charges and executed 3 arrest warrants. With a determined effort to combat distracted driving, the office handed out 11 citations for electronic communication infractions and 7 citations for driving on a suspended registration. 

Driving without a valid license seems to be a persistent issue, too, as 6 citations were written for suspended, revoked, or absent licenses. Additionally, 14 motorists were cited for operating their vehicles without insurance, a statutory gambit that exposes all to the financial perils of an accident. Speeding, which never goes out of style among the reckless, accounted for 88 tickets. Far less common were the 2 citations issued for the transportation of open alcohol containers.

Of the various traffic offenses, the office reported issuing 19 citations for a range of other infractions. The efforts of the campaign reflect a zero-tolerance stance on traffic law violations in hopes of decreasing the number of traffic-related injuries and fatalities. The full results of the campaign, standing as a testament to the diligence of McHenry County law enforcement, can be found on the sheriff's office website.