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Published on June 21, 2024
Nashville Woman Charged with Attempted Aggravated Arson at Five Below StoreSource: Nashville Fire Department

A Nashville woman, Adriana Ellison, has been charged with attempted aggravated arson following an incident where she set a balloon display on fire at a local Five Below store. According to WSMV, the incident occurred while customers were inside the store located on Gallatin Pike. Responders successfully contained the fire to the damaged display which was quickly extinguished.

Nashville Fire Department crews arrived on the scene Wednesday to witness the aftermath of what boredom can lead to when armed with a lighter. After being interviewed by fire investigators, Ellison, age 22, reportedly said she was "bored" and curious about the effects of the lighter on paper and cardboard materials, as per the report from WKRN. Witnesses and security camera footage were examined by NFD officials to piece together the course of events that led to Ellison's arrest.

Ellison shared with investigators following her detainment that she had recently purchased the electric lighter, which sparked her interest in testing its capabilities. Ellison stated that she wanted to see how it worked, as reported by FOX 17. Her experiment led to an attempted aggravated arson charge and a bond set at $20,000.

The Nashville Fire Department has highlighted the serious implications of arson, regardless of the intent behind the action. Indirect consequences, unfortunately, lead to such outcomes as increased insurance premiums and associated expenses that burden the community. Offering up to $5,000 for information that results in arrests and convictions, they encourage the public to report arson-related information to the Tennessee Arson Hotline, where anonymity can be maintained, according to WKRN.