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Published on June 20, 2024
Oregon Zoo Launches 'Zoo Nights' for Summer Fun with Live Music and Food in PortlandSource: Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo is initiating its summer series, Zoo Nights, with a mixture of live performances, a range of food options, and family-friendly experiences, as it welcomes residents and visitors to indulge in the warm Portland evenings. The series starts June 21 and is set to spread across ten Fridays until Aug. 23, offering a unique night-time zoo adventure that goes beyond the typical daytime visit, KOIN reported.

According to KOIN, Zoo Nights will not only serve up the quintessential Portland summer experience but will also feature a lineup of musicians including a Talking Heads tribute by Life During Wartime on June 28, local grooves from acts like Pa’Lante, and Ural Thomas and the Pain. However, these special evenings come with a caveat, attendees must remember to purchase their tickets online in advance as they are not included in the regular daytime zoo admission.

“Portland is known for its perfect summer evenings, and once they’re here, I look for every opportunity to get outside and have a good time with the kids,” Heidi Rahn, zoo director, said, as per KOIN. Emphasizing the dual focus on enjoyment and education, Rahn views Zoo Nights as a prime occasion for families to bond and for individuals to learn more about wildlife conservation efforts.

From the savory allure of elephant ears to a selection of beers and wines for the older crowd, the food and drink offerings aim to enhance the overall experience. The Oregon Zoo, as part of Metro, emphasizes its commitment to animal conservation, impacting the lives of species globally from pikas to polar bears, KATU detailed. With over three decades of conservational action, the zoo has been front and center in preventing extinctions, contributing to species population growth, and fostering a community spirit centered on wildlife care, in, and outside the Pacific Northwest.

The entertainment extends throughout the summer with the Robert Henry Band, Orquestra Pacifico Tropical, Hit Factory with Patrick Lamb, Melao de Cuba, Jujuba, and Aaron Nigel Smith all set to perform on subsequent Fridays. With anticipation building for these joyous and environmentally conscious gatherings, the KOIN announcement and KATU details are inviting the community to mark their calendars and become a part of the zoo's spirited summer nights.