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Published on June 03, 2024
Over 1 Million Chickens Perish in Catastrophic Fire at Southern Illinois Poultry FarmSource: Google Street View

A devastating fire at a Southern Illinois poultry farm has resulted in the deaths of over one million chickens, dealing a massive blow to the facility, which officials have declared a "total loss". The inferno, which erupted late Wednesday at the free-range Farina Farms facility in Farina, sent flames towering into the night sky, with the smoke billowing out and seen for miles around, as per NBC Chicago.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office reported that the conflagration engulfed multiple buildings quickly and required a substantial response from local fire departments. Sheriff Kevin Cripps told NBC Chicago, "multiple buildings at the site were completely consumed by flames," with more than two dozen fire departments called to hastily try to bring the flame under control. The sheriff also confirmed that, thankfully, no human injuries were reported during the firefighting efforts.

Adding to the fiery mayhem, video footage released by Southern Illinois Fire Incidents on social media showed crews working fervently against the towering flames. FOX 32 Chicago followed up with input from State Representative Blaine Wilhour, who took to Facebook to communicate the grave toll the fire had taken on the local poultry production, confirming the death toll of birds exceeding a million.

The Illinois State Fire Marshal has undertaken an investigation to determine the cause of the disaster.