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Published on June 12, 2024
Seven Years On: Portland Police and Community Renew Calls for Clues in Brian Spaulding's Unsolved Homicide, $20K Reward OfferedSource: Portland Police Bureau

As the clock marks seven years since Brian Elton Spaulding's untimely demise, a persistent plea for clues remains at the forefront, the Portland Police Bureau alongside distraught family and friends, reiterate their request to the public, intent on turning the tide in a case grown cold, a significant reward dangles as incentive. On a fateful June day in 2017, in the vicinity of Northeast 10th Avenue, officers discovered Spaulding, life's thread cut short by gun violence, a grim reality underscored by an autopsy, forever marking the date as one of loss and yearning for answers.

Akin to a beacon through the fog, a privately amassed reward exceeding $20,000 stands as a testament to a community's adherence to justice, hope, and unyielding dedication. It holds firm as it did upon its initial collection, aimed at those who might hold the key to unraveling this tragedy, the Portland Police Bureau's homage to the unwavering persistence of those left in the wake of Spaulding's death, as announced on Portland Police Bureau.

Details of the case have been etched into the community fabric, a haunting silhouette in Northeast Portland's tapestry—officers arrived at the 3500 block of Northeast 10th Avenue the day Spaulding was discovered, and it was there that the investigation, later spearheaded by Homicide Detectives, unfurled upon their stark finding, which medical personnel could only solemnly affirm.

Examination by the Oregon State Medical Examiner peeled back the layers of what was initially an enigma, soon to be declared a homicide, Spaulding's life extinguished by gunfire, a stark and irrevocable truth that has since cast a long shadow, prompting family, friends, and officers to continue their search for resolution and peace as they hold fast to the promise of a reward yet unclaimed, lingering like the echo of a question unanswered, their unified voice still seeking the attention of a silent witness.

In the interim, the investigation persists, a testament to the unwavering resilience of those who refuse to let Spaulding's story fade into the recesses of anonymity, and an invitation for the wielding of conscience by an undetected arbiter ambivalent till this day, it remains a standing plea for closure, justice, and perhaps in due course, a semblance of healing for all those ensnared by the reverberations of that tragic, singular episode in Portland's history.