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Published on June 12, 2024
South Loop Man Charged with Attempted Murder Following Violent Attacks on Chicago's CTA Green LineSource: BuscandoMiyagi773, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A South Loop man is currently held under charges of attempted murder and battery after a series of violent incidents on Chicago's CTA Green Line. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Ivan Weldon, 42, was involved in an attack that left one man with a cut on his neck and multiple stab wounds on May 31. The assault took place on a train near Garfield station, leading to severe injuries that required roughly 30 stitches to the 48-year-old victim's face, alongside ligament damage to his thumb.

Prosecutors have slapped Weldon with three serious felony charges including attempted murder, as the incident nearly claimed a man's life wielding a box cutter. Accused of also perpetrating two more assaults on the same transit line, the attacks sent both shockwaves and fears of safety through the regular commuters catching trains at the Bronzeville station. Weldon, encountering a man wearing a backpack, allegedly grabbed and hurled him onto the platform before this individual could embark on the train, subsequently kicking him in the face. Court documents obtained by NBC Chicago detail these violent outbursts that occurred within the city's public transportation arteries.

In the course of the same day's rampage, another individual was reportedly punched in the face by Weldon at the Bronzeville stop as he was attempting to board the train. This account, as given in legal testimony, has resulted in two additional felony counts of aggravated battery in a public space and aggravated battery being filed against him. These series of unprovoked attacks have pressed the authorities to take stern action, meticulously examining the circumstances leading to such public threats.

Last week, a judge deemed Ivan Weldon a continued risk to the public and ordered that he remain detained. Currently in custody, he awaits further legal proceedings with the shadow of the courthouse looming close, his next court appearance is scheduled for June 20 as per court records. The community, meanwhile, looks on, grappling with the unsettling reality of violence that intruded upon the everyday commuters' search for uneventful passages to their destinations.

The incidents have prompted broader discussions among residents regarding safety on public transportation. As Weldon's case continues through the legal system, many are calling for increased security measures to safeguard those who navigate the city's veins aboard CTA trains each day.