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Published on June 21, 2024
Suspect Arrested After Stolen Vehicle Hits Police Cruisers at Pentagon City MallSource: Google Street View

A dramatic encounter unfolded at Pentagon City Mall yesterday afternoon as a male suspect, after spotting a stolen vehicle parked unoccupied in a parking garage on the 800 block of Army Navy Drive, proceeded to ram into police cruisers in a thwarted escape attempt. The Arlington Police had been observing the vehicle just before 5 p.m., and as the man made his move to get inside and drive off, the scene quickly escalated.

Parked unoccupied, the stolen vehicle had earlier been spotted by Arlington Police inside a parking garage. The suspect later approached the vehicle and, in a bid to flee, hit another police vehicle while additional officers were arriving at the garage entrance, blocking any potential exit. According to WJLA, the suspect's attempt to escape culminated in a collision with two Arlington police cruisers.

Footage of the incident captured the moments where the suspect was cornered and subsequently arrested outside of the shopping center. The video showcased a rapid escalation and response by law enforcement as they worked to contain and arrest the suspect. As reported by FOX 5 DC, the suspect, after having rammed into the police cars, saw his flight come to an abrupt end.

Luckily, the chaotic incident concluded without injuries to the suspect or any officers involved in the containment effort. The man responsible for the brazen act has been taken into custody, and officials have not reported any injuries at the scene, according to WJLA.