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Published on July 10, 2024
Frisco Pet Owners Alerted as Parvovirus Cases Surge, Vaccination Urged to Prevent SpreadSource: Fernando Losada Rodríguez, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Dog owners in the city are facing a serious health alert as parvovirus cases are on the rise. A recent message from Animal Services emphasizes the urgency of protecting our furry friends against this threat, a highly contagious and potentially lethal disease, but one which can be countered with vigilance and proactive measures. According to the details shared by Animal Services, as per Frisco Police, “Parvo is highly contagious and can be deadly, it is EASILY DIAGNOSED and PREVENTABLE.”

This increase in parvovirus incidents should have pet parents on high alert, particularly those with puppies and young adult dogs who are most vulnerable. Animal Services advises all dog owners to ensure their pets are vaccinated. Timely vaccination is the most effective strategy to prevent this aggressive virus from taking hold. An imperative that stretches beyond the individual to the collective, safeguarding the broader canine community from an escalating outbreak.

There is no understating the importance of consulting with a veterinarian who can provide guidance specific to your pet's health needs, and the current parvovirus upsurge underscores this necessity. Animal Services urges dog owners to touch base with their pet's healthcare provider regarding the parvovirus vaccine, and any booster shots that might be due, particularly in light of this rise in cases.