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Published on July 05, 2024
Illinois Tollway Warns of Phishing Scams Posing as Unpaid Toll Texts During Holiday WeekSource: Illinois Tollway

Illinois drivers were met with a string of deceit over the holiday week, as phishing scams dressed up as communications from the Illinois Tollway hit phones across the state. Unsuspecting recipients were led to think they had unpaid toll invoices through texts from the "Illinois Toll way," according to NBC Chicago. These messages, carrying a fraudulent URL and prompting to settle balances are nothing but a scam.

The tactic isn't new. The Illinois Tollway confirmed earlier in March, targeting specifically I-PASS customers, that a similar phishing ruse was afoot. To inform and protect its users, the Tollway has been swift, issuing warnings to delete and report these texts. With the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology and federal authorities' help, websites linked to these phishing attempts have been taken down, as reported by the agency in a statement obtained by NBC Chicago.

"Illinois Toll way, our records indicate that your vehicle has an unpaid toll invoice. To avoid additional charges, please settle your balance," such a message might read, dangling the threat of extra penalties to bait the hook. reports that the Illinois Tollway is advising customers to outright dismiss texts that claim outstanding debts and suggest logging into one's account for any concerns regarding toll payments.

The fraudulent communications often seek personal data, such as banking details or passwords – a red flag highlighted by the Tollway. The texts may also betray themselves through their poor grammar and typos. Customers are urged to forward suspicious emails appearing to be from the Tollway to [email protected], in a bid to thwart these digital swindlers.

The Illinois Tollway, evolving alongside technology, transitioned to sticker tags earlier in the year. This move was part of an effort to provide a convenient, reliable, and less expensive travel experience according to the same NBC Chicago report

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