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Published on July 10, 2024
Mansfield Police Department Amps Up Active Shooter Response with Advanced Training DrillsSource: Mansfield Police Department

The Mansfield Police Department (MPD) has initiated a new set of training drills designed to bolster the readiness of its officers in response to active shooter situations. These drills are part of the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT), which every MPD officer is required to undergo annually, according to the Mansfield Police Department. This latest update to the training regime began in early June and includes intensive scenario-based exercises to prepare law enforcement for such critical incidents.

This training prepares officers for active shooter situations through a variety of evaluated, scenario-based training. The parameters of these exercises are dynamic, changing with every mock scenario, the variables span across the number of victims/suspects, the nature of the weapons encountered, the degree of injuries, the number of officers available, and collaborative response with neighboring agencies.

In addition to tactical response, officers are also schooled in fundamental emergency medical care. These skills are essential — not just for the immediacy of the response to violent incidents, but also in ensuring that the officers can provide critical aid before paramedics arrive. The MPD Officers are also working in conjunction with the Mansfield Independent School District Police Department, marking a community-focused approach and mutual preparedness between local law enforcement bodies.

The program is an intensive one, with a rigorous evaluation process for participants. “Officers being trained are meticulously evaluated in their performance on these scenarios and our Training Division carries the responsibility of creating training scenarios that meet state guidelines, developing a training plan for multiple agencies, and evaluating every officer trained”, a statement from the Mansfield Police Department. Such a comprehensive program is not only demanding for the officers themselves but also imposes a hefty mandate on the MPD Training Division, which, is tasked with the uphill job of designing, coordinating, and analyzing these critical training scenarios.