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Published on July 10, 2024
Phoenix Pledges Support for Arizona's Advanced Water Purification Plan to Secure Future Water SupplySource: City of Phoenix

The City of Phoenix is throwing its weight behind the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality's (ADEQ) Advanced Water Purification (AWP) initiative, aimed at securing Arizona’s water supply for the future. Draft rules proposed by the ADEQ have been met with approval from city officials, setting in motion plans for cutting-edge projects that would transform treated wastewater into clean, drinkable water.

This move is seen as a bolster to the state's water resources, especially as concerns around reliance on the Colorado River grow. Phoenix, no stranger to sustainable water management practices, has committed to establishing a regional AWP facility at the 91st Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant. Slated for completion by 2030, the plant is expected to churn out 60 million gallons per day, sufficient to quench the needs of about 200,000 homes, as reported by the City of Phoenix.

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego said, "This project is a crucial step in securing our water future and reducing our reliance on the Colorado River. By investing in advanced water purification, we are ensuring a sustainable water supply for generations to come. We are excited to support ADEQ's efforts and lead the way in innovative water management," as stated by the City of Phoenix.

Furthermore, the city is not stopping there; plans are underway to potentially convert the Cave Creek Water Reclamation Plant into another AWP site. According to Phoenix Water Services Director Troy Hayes, the technology in play is poised to redefine regional water treatment standards, ensuring safety and reliability. "By treating and reusing wastewater, we can provide a reliable and safe water source that meets all drinking water standards. This project exemplifies our dedication to sustainability and resource management," Hayes added.