Meet Funky Lower Haight DJ Honeycomb Brown

Meet Funky Lower Haight DJ Honeycomb Brown
By Candace Longfellow - Published on March 10, 2013.
The Lower Haight is one funky place. Long considered home to both post-punk vibes and grungy bohemians, the neighborhood features a mix of all kinds of people with different creeds and tastes. We recently sat down with one Lower Haighter who's bringin' da funk in her own special way.

Jennie Cataldo, otherwise known as DJ Honeycomb Brown, spoke with us about her DJ experience, her life in the Lower Haight, and her hopes to spread the love of funk and soul all over our fair city. A Lower Haight resident since 2009, Jennie has DJ-ed at Vinyl Wine Bar with a set fittingly titled "Funky by the Glass." She can be found once a month at Mad Dog in the Fog with her show "Honeycomb Brown's Funky Neighborhood" (her first gig after turning 21), as well as other venues around the city.
Although it's not an obvious music genre for 20-somethings, Jennie has found that funk is accepted and enjoyed by a mix of listeners. "It's pretty fun music, so most people -- especially drunk people -- they really like it. I mean, it's hard not to like it because it's just feel-good music," Jennie said. Her picks from favorites such as Curtis Mayfield, Parliament Funkadelic, Edwin Starr and Otis Redding (often purchased at her local favorite Rooky Ricardo's) make for great party music. Every Monday on Mutiny Radio (formerly Pirate Cat) you can catch Honeycomb Brown as she returns to the Jive Hive where "the walls ooze with funky sounds -- don't mind any drips!" From 10pm to midnight each Monday night she plays hits "from the back pockets of funk and soul." But the crafty DJ also has her own ideas for a possible radio station here in the neighborhood. Her homemade radio transmitter reaches within a block radius of her apartment on Webster Street, and Jennie has experimented with playing her own records for her four roommates' listening pleasure, but with a little help and funding sees a possible future in a (legal) Lower Haight station. "We need some more neighborhood unity," Jennie said. "We should all get together and make a pot of crawfish. I'm happy the fish place on Haight and Fillmore has crawfish. But I wish the Walgreens on Haight was still there." She also wishes there were more music venues in the area. "There are a lot of great places for record shopping in the Lower Haight, and there are a lot of DJs, but not many live bands. It would be great to have a venue here. Even if it's a small one," Jennie said.
Catch Honeycomb Brown's Jive Hive on Mutiny Radio every Monday from 10pm to midnight, or download a podcast off Mutiny's website.