Smitten's Ice Cream Machine Gets a New Name

Smitten's Ice Cream Machine Gets a New Name
By Hayeswire - Published on April 11, 2013.
The results are in, and Smitten has announced the winner of its competition to rename its patented ice cream machine.

As we reported in February, the old name (Kelvin) had to be ditched due to possible confusion with Electrolux's Kelvinator line of appliances. Smitten ran a contest asking for name submissions, and today they declared a winner: Brrr. The name, submitted by one Chris Loew, apparently fulfilled Smitten's requirements of being friendly, having a persona, and not mentioning nitrogen or any derivative thereof. It will also allow them to officially call their ice cream slingers "Brrr-istas." Clever! It's a pretty nice day for ice cream, so if you're interested in seeing Brrr in action, head on down to 432 Octavia. Feel free to call it an "ice cream brrreak" -- we won't sue you.