New Street Art At Ambiance

New Street Art At Ambiance
Adam Hofbauer
Published on March 18, 2014
Some stencils by a local street artist appeared Friday morning in front of the Ambiance store at 9th and Irving.

Though the graffiti bears the location's name, employees indicated that this was not a solicited artwork, and they had no idea who had composed it.  

Hawk-eyed residents will recognize the work as that of local graffiti artist Eclair Bandersnatch, whose distinctive pieces are visible in various locations throughout San Francisco, though this seems to be one of her more elaborate pieces.  

It features eclectic imagery like telephone polls, hearts, large-eyed characters, and pithy quotes ("If you walk in 5" heels you shouldn't have to pay for your meals").

See it for yourself on the sidewalk outside of Ambiance at 756 Irving.