Scenes From Bay To Breakers 2014

Scenes From Bay To Breakers 2014
Photos: Benna Wise/Rose Garrett/Hoodline
By Benna Wise - Published on May 19, 2014.
Year after year, San Francisco promises to crack down on Bay to Breakers. Yet every year, Bay to Breakers seems to grow bigger and quirkier. We captured some scenes to paint a picture of yesterday's event.
It wouldn't be Bay to Breakers without some salmon making their way upstream ... or showing off a little skin.

These "Despicable" characters waited for their fellow minions on the corner of Laguna and Hayes.

Life-size board games are always a crowd pleaser.

We don't usually go for older men, but we just might swipe right for Hennessy. 

A new way to introduce yourself to new Bay to Breaker friends, plus parrots that flew all the way from Telegraph Hill to join the fun. 

Not sure what's going on with this dog-pile, but we like it ... and so did this festive pooch. 

Alas, despite hundreds of port-a-potties, these two chose private property to do their business. We sure hope the residents didn't really want that Sunday paper. 

Officers guarded Alamo Square, which was fenced off for the event. 

Private security, Wastebusters and cops pitched in to try and keep the event clean and orderly. 

The two on the left have been friends for 2.5 seconds ... but we assume the two on the right have known each other a bit longer. 

And finally, a time-lapse view of just what happens along the Hayes Street Hill over the course of the day, courtesy of Paul Supawanich:

Chime in if you saw something noteworthy at this year's festivities.