SFPD To Address Your 4/20 Concerns At Open House This Friday

SFPD To Address Your 4/20 Concerns At Open House This Friday

Image: flickr / Jorge Dalmau

By Amy Stephenson - Published on April 14, 2015.

There's been a lot going on at SFPD's Park Station recently, and this week you'll have not one, but two chances to chime in with your thoughts.

In case you missed it, Captain Vaswani, our Park Station Captain for just one year, has moved to Bayview Station, and Captain John Sanford has taken over. Park Station is also facing the impending 4/20 celebration, set to go down on Monday.

As we reported earlier this week, the SFPD has come up with a plan for 4/20 that involves some traffic diversion, but due to safety concerns, Capt. Sanford is keeping mum on how much they'll actually bump up security for the day.

When Hoodline announced the 4/20 plans last week, some commenters voiced their concern over behavior at the event:

Commenter SubliminalSF wrote, "It's become an excuse for people from out of town to come into the City, get wasted, and act a fool, trashing our city and then going back home to the suburbs."

"Obviously a lot of people really enjoy the event," noted Nicasio Nakamine. "It's just very disruptive to the neighborhood in a way that other events are not."

"The trash is the hugest concern I have, there is no signage, there is no bins and people get loose and act a fool," Commenter GG wrote. "It's very important participants get it together and take a leave no trace policy for the event, as well as enthusiasts and advocates should be getting organized and participate and take a civic lead in making a difference and improving the situation."

Given recent reader opinions, we thought you might have more thoughts to share. To that end, Park Station will hold an open house this Friday, April 17th, from 3pm-4pm to discuss the plan for 4/20. On hand will be Captains Vaswani and Sanford, and they'll be ready to address the changes to the neighborhood and your concerns about 4/20 this year. 

If you can't wait that long to meet with Park Station police, tonight is the second Tuesday of the month, which means that Park Station's monthly community meeting will be held at Park Station starting at 6pm tonight.

To review: that's one Park Station community meeting tonight, and another one on Friday, specifically for 4/20 feedback. Both will be held at Park Station, located at 1899 Waller St.