Fire Breaks Out On Fulton Street Near Alamo Square [Updated]

Fire Breaks Out On Fulton Street Near Alamo Square [Updated]
Photo: @medictofollow/Twitter
By Nuala Sawyer - Published on August 23, 2015.

A fire broke out on Fulton Street between Divisadero and Scott this afternoon, sending smoke into the air and bringing SFFD to the scene.

Tipster Katie M. first notified us of the situation around 3:40pm, saying "There was a fire in the house adjacent to mine in Alamo Square. Looks like it was on Fulton as I'm on McAllister. We saw the firemen breaking through the roof."

Further investigation on Twitter showed a fiery scene:

In addition, this video was posted to Reddit this afternoon under the title "fire near alamo square:"

The fire is eerily close to Saffron Grill at 1279 Fulton St, which caught fire in 2012. Around the corner, a large residential building on Scott and McAllister caught fire earlier this year, displacing 25 tenants.

No word yet on the cause of today's fire, nor whether there were any injuries. We've reached out to SFFD, and will update once we gather more information.

Update, 8/24, 10:23am: The Fire Department has confirmed that the fire occurred at 1216 Fulton, in a shed attached to the rear of the three-story building. It's unclear at this time what caused it. The SFFD was contacted at 3:17pm, and arrived at the building five minutes later; the blaze was under control by 3:42. No one was injured.