Plans Move Ahead For 108 Low-Income Family Units In Hayes Valley

Plans Move Ahead For 108 Low-Income Family Units In Hayes Valley
Rendering: Mercy Housing
By Nuala Sawyer - Published on December 16, 2015.

Yesterday, we covered the astronomical rent hikes at Avalon Hayes Valley, the market-rate housing facility that occupies part of Parcel O. Now, we have an update on the other housing development coming to that plot of land—with a significantly lower price tag.

Back in May, Mercy Housing announced that it would taking over the remainder of Parcel O to construct 108 affordable family units. After seven months, renderings and more details on the space have finally been released. 

The 108 units will range in size from one to three bedrooms—and all will be reserved for families with annual incomes between $21,400 and $55,000.

The building will also offer a host of amenities for residents: two residential units on the ground floor will be designated for a family day care, and a community garden will be constructed with leftover materials from the site's former occupant, the Hayes Valley Farm

View of the development from Hickory Alley

The new structure will also include office space for Mercy Housing California and the San Francisco Housing Development Corporation (SFHDC), both of which are heading up this specific project. There will also be office space for Episcopal Community Services, which helps homeless and low-income people gain housing and stability. All three offices will open onto a 3,000-square-foot central courtyard, which may be open to the public. 

One thing the new development will lack: parking. Not a single parking spot is being built in the structure; instead, bike storage will be available for all tenants. Developers are working with car-share companies to dedicate a couple of parking spots adjacent to the building for shared use. 

As with any large housing development, 455 Fell St. is still working its way through the Planning Department, and most likely won't break ground until January 2017. If all goes according to plan, Mercy Housing will open the building in the summer of 2018. 

Until construction gets underway, the community has been given the keys to Parcel O, and Hayes Valley Art Works is converting the flat lot of land into a pop-up arts space, workshop center, and sculpture garden. To lend a hand or suggest a project, swing by the space from 12-5pm either today or Friday, Dec. 18th.