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Published on March 17, 2016
SF Deltas Approved For Pro Soccer Games At Kezar StadiumPhoto: Jerome Paz/Flickr

Earlier this year, the San Francisco Deltas announced a proposal to use Kezar Stadium as their home for the next five years, playing 15-20 games per year beginning in 2017. Today, according to Empire of Soccer, SF Rec and Park unanimously voted to allow the team to use the space, despite neighborhood opposition. 

The Deltas, which will be part of the new professional North American Soccer League, drew criticism from neighbors for their plans to sell beer and wine to attendees and hard liquor to VIP ticket holders, which Rec and Park also voted today to allow. Other neighbors were concerned about the traffic and parking challenges that might be presented by an influx of 5,000-6,000 soccer fans. (The Deltas say they will encourage attendees to use public transit.)

Neighborhood groups were divided by the Deltas' proposal. It was conditionally supported by the Inner Sunset Park Neighbors, which voted to move forward if concerns about alcohol and traffic were met, but opposed by the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council, which started a petition against the plan. (It currently has 87 signatures.) 

However, the Deltas' presence will benefit infrastructure at Kezar: the Examiner reports that the Deltas are committed to spending "at least $460,000" on capital improvements to the stadium, including new lighting and seating repairs.

They'll also pay the city $30,000 per year for the right to use the stadium, and are committed to offering 3,000 tickets per game at a price of $20 or less, adjusted over time for inflation. (For context, average NASL game attendance is about 5,900.) At least 100 tickets per game would be given away to youth groups and nonprofits.

Now that they've received their approval, the Deltas will kick off their tenure at Kezar with an event for fans on April 2nd. Games will begin in 2017, and will mostly take place on Saturday evenings, with the occasional Wednesday evening or Saturday day game.