Hoodline Now Officially Covers BayviewOur Bayview coverage area. Background map via Google Maps
Eric Eldon
Published on May 13, 2016

Do you live, work or play in Bayview? You'll now be able to get a regular helping of street-level coverage about its local businesses, community and civic happenings from Hoodline.

Leading this effort will be Bayview native Meaghan Mitchell, who has already written dozens of stories for us covering local businesses, people, and happenings in the neighborhood and elsewhere around the city.

You may have met her at our tent at the recent Bayview Sunday Streets, or read the latest from her about 3rd Street Village's gallery space, Old Skool Cafe's community restaurant, the incoming Duc Loi grocery store, the neighborhood's new TriFusion yoga studio and its first Starbucks — to name a few local folks she's been covering. You may have also caught her interviews on the Frisco Five hunger strike, the plans for the Fillmore Center, and other breaking news she's finding around the city.

As our Bayview neighborhood editor, she'll focus on the main Bayview/3rd Street corridor but venture up to Dogpatch and beyond, and over to Hunters Point — hence the boundaries in the map above.

You can find Meaghan at @meaghan_m on Twitter or email at [email protected]. You can follow Hoodline Bayview by email subscription, by RSS, and/or by using the filters on our homepage or iOS app.

If you’re already logged in to your Hoodline account, select Bayview from the homepage filters to add it to your existing subscriptions, email preferences and push notifications. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up here.

If you have any ideas for Bayview stories we should cover, please let us know in the comments, or by sending us a tip. It's a busy neighborhood, and tips about local news and happenings are always much appreciated. 

And, if you're interested in writing about this neighborhood or another one for us, here's how to get started covering the local businesses, civic issues, and people around you.