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Published on October 11, 2016
Text Your Tips To Hoodline At (415) 200-3233The great Walgreens building fire of 2011 in Lower Haight. Tipster Ryan H./Hoodline

Neighborhood tipsters have always been a main source for stories here at Hoodline. But until today, we've asked everyone to fill out an online form if they had something to share.

Now we're making it easier.

You can now tell us about the most interesting things happening in your neighborhood, using SMS and maybe your cameraphone. 

Just text us what you see at (415) 200-3233. 

Make sure to create a user account here if you want us to text you back. 

What to send us? 

A short text description of whatever you're seeing, with photos preferred. Video is not possible due to the limitations of SMS but you can (and should) send them to [email protected].

What to tip about?

Topics can range across anything you normally see us covering, from local business happenings to breaking news like transportation problems, to new public art, and much more. If in doubt, hit send.

Please note that you should not put yourself in harm's way in order to get a tip. 

Who will you be talking to on the other end? 

Our main editorial staff, with the help of a bot or three. 

What happens once you send in a tip?

We'll say thanks, we'll look into your tip, and if it feels like a story we'll publish it with a hat-tip to you (using your first name and last name initial unless you tell us another preference, such as anonymity). 

We're also going to be regularly publishing a new kind of story that shows readers all the tips that we think are interesting, that don't work as their own stories. Here are some examples from the last couple weeks.

Who is behind this new feature?

We're bringing it to you in partnership with Muxgram, a new messaging-chatbot company from Chikai Ohazama (an accomplished technologist and Hoodline advisor).

Look for more features soon. 

And finally, a big thanks to our beta testers who have been helping us test this feature. And to all of our existing tipsters out there.