Artists Turn Dolores Park Muni Shelter Into Anti-Trump '#TrumpStop' Installation

Artists Turn Dolores Park Muni Shelter Into Anti-Trump '#TrumpStop' Installation
Photos: Shane Downing/Hoodline
By Meaghan M. Mitchell - Published on November 07, 2016.

The southbound northbound Muni shelter at 18th & Church streets, just outside Dolores Park, got a revamp from a group of local artists yesterday afternoon in the form of #TrumpStop, an installation opposing the Republican presidential candidate. 

The "Bus Stop Gallery" installation, which featured work from a number of local artists, was a team-up between Vango Art, an online art marketplace, and a collective of local artists led by curator Elissa Patel, who was also responsible for August's 'Bart on BART' installation, in which 20 people attired in Bart Simpson masks traveled together on BART.

Patel says that her group is comprised of SF-based artists, and aims to "keep San Francisco artistic with unusual and eye-catching installations throughout the city." 

“It's connected to the election, because of timing," said Patel. "But it’s much more connected got the idea of taking something you normally would just walk by, and turning it into something interesting. We wanted to activate the space."

Artist Mark Harris helped design the pop-up gallery, which featured art from Johnny Lannom, Mark Harris, Brandon Lewis, Dyanna Dimick, Deanna Fainelli, Donald Rizzo, Tristan Pollock, Becca Jones, Gary Aaagaard and Chico Coelho. 

Rob Browne's "Trump Troll," which previously appeared at Jane Warner Plaza, also made an appearance. 

“We had all sorts of reactions," Patel told us. "One of our artists, Becca Jones, made these amazing Trump and Hillary cookies. People were debating which one to eat, and our videographer, Aamir Patel, said that they should eat Hillary, so that the Trump ones would be thrown in the trash."

This won't be the last you'll see of art installations at Muni shelters: Vango and Patel are hoping to create installations at multiple stops around Dolores Park creating an “art walk." We'll keep you posted on their next move.