Embarcadero BART Shut Down After Woman's Shoe Caught In Escalator

Embarcadero BART Shut Down After Woman's Shoe Caught In Escalator
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By Allie Pape - Published on November 07, 2016.

If you're familiar with BART, you're likely familiar with the ongoing woes of its escalators, at least five of which are usually out of service in San Francisco at any given time. But it's rare for a broken escalator to completely shut down service at a BART station—until today, that is.

According to the Chronicle, the Embarcadero BART station was shut down during the height of today's morning rush, after a woman's shoe became stuck in one of the station's escalators just after 9am. The woman was not injured, but the event set off a chain reaction, with crowded commuters piling on to the alternative escalator—which also promptly broke down. 

As BART repair crews rushed to the scene, BART put a halt to all train stops in both directions, until the crowds abated. Trains resumed regular service around 10am. 

As for the future health of BART's escalators, that's largely up to voters: Measure RR, which appears on the ballot tomorrow, would create a $3.5 billion bond to make improvements to the aging transit system, including replacing broken escalators and elevators. To see where various groups stand on the issue, check out Hoodline's election guide