San Francisco High Schoolers Stage Walk-Outs In Protest Of President-Elect Donald Trump [Updating]

San Francisco High Schoolers Stage Walk-Outs In Protest Of President-Elect Donald Trump [Updating]
George Washington High School students protesting the outcome of the presidential election. (Photos: Nikki Collister/Hoodline)
By Brittany Hopkins - Published on November 10, 2016.

Following a night of protest around the city, high school students from the Outer Richmond and Mission District have walked out of class this morning in protest of President-Elect Donald Trump.

In the Outer Richmond, roughly 250 students from George Washington High School are marching down Geary Street to Civic Center.


The students are chanting, "Together we are one," and "We won't stop," as vehicles driving past honk and cheer in support.

At the same time, a group of Mission High School students are also marching from their neighborhood to Civic Center.

According to Chronicle columnist J.K. Dineen on Twitter, the students have taken to the streets, and drivers may want to avoid the Civic Center area for the time being.

Update, 10:30am: It appears Mission High students are continuing to march inbound on Market Street toward the Financial District, stalling public transit along the corridor.

Photo: Mike F./Hoodline

Reports on Twitter suggest that at least 10 San Francisco schools are participating in protests this morning.

Update, 10:56am: Tipster Robert P. says hundreds of students are now marching through the Financial District on the way to a pier on the Embarcadero near the Bay Bridge.

Video: Robert P./Hoodline

The KRON is currently streaming live video of protesters on the Embarcadero.

Students from Galileo High School ran out of class around noon to join fellow youth protesting at City Hall. | Photo: Meredith V./Hoodline
Protestors take a seat outside City Hall around 12:45pm. | Photo: Steven Bracco/Hoodline

Thanks to tipsters Mike F., Jes W., Geri K., Robert P, Meredith V. and Hoodline editor Steven B. To share more photos and info from today's protests, text us at (415) 200-3233.