In Search Of Katy Perry's Magical, Musical, Disappearing SF Disco Ball

In Search Of Katy Perry's Magical, Musical, Disappearing SF Disco BallPhoto: basicallyadam/Twitter
Shane Downing
Published on February 08, 2017

In the latest chapter of San Francisco's battle with pop stars' guerrilla marketing, Katy Perry (or most likely, someone associated with her) left a disco ball chained to a bench in Dolores Park earlier today—without a city permit.

Perry's newest single — "Chained to the Rhythm" — is set to drop on Friday, and chained-up disco balls popped up around the world today to give fans a sneak preview. Passerby, attracted by the shiny object, were able to plug in their earphones to have a listen.

The strategy isn't new: both Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga have (literally) left their marks on San Francisco without the city's permission.

But Perry's disco inferno flamed out quickly. We went hunting for it, but found it gone—as did many heartbroken fans, who quickly concluded it had been stolen.

It's unclear whether the promotional gimmick was removed by SF Parks & Rec, someone associated with Perry, or an avid fan. But based on recent social media posts, it seems that Perry's disco ball has reemerged at the Castro Theatre.

When asked if Perry had received permission to chain the disco ball to a Dolores Park bench, Parks & Rec spokesperson Joey Kahn said she had not.

"But please tell Katy to call," Kahn wrote. "We'd love to hear from her."

Kahn was unable to confirm whether or not any action might be brought against Perry, as it was in 2015, when the City Attorney went after Bieber for his promotional graffiti stunt.