Spotted: Castro Scalper Asking $14,000 For 'Hamilton' Tickets

Spotted: Castro Scalper Asking $14,000 For 'Hamilton' TicketsPhoto: Anonymous Tipster/Hoodline
Shane Downing
Published on March 01, 2017

An anonymous tipster alerted us to flyers that have been plastered around the Castro, advertising scalped tickets to the San Francisco run of megahit musical Hamilton (or as the poster dubs it, Hamilton!!!!).

While the face value of top-price tickets for Hamilton in SF was $197 when they went on sale in December, the scalper is demanding an extraordinary price: $14,000 for six tickets to the very first post-previews Friday-night performance, on March 24th.

That's $2,333 per ticket—or 1,084 percent more than face value. (On the upside, they apparently come with "SUPREME BRAGGING RIGHTS!!!!!!")

If you only want a pair of bragging rights, you'll have to drop even more: $2,500 per ticket, or 1,169 percent more than face value. You might also want to invest in a briefcase, because the seller will only accept cash, in a hotel lobby or other public place.

While we're not in the business of scalping tickets, we'll note that even top-notch seats to the same performance can be had on StubHub for far less—though they're still running in the thousands of dollars. 

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