Revived 'Yum Yum Sushi House' Opens Tomorrow On Irving St.

Revived 'Yum Yum Sushi House' Opens Tomorrow On Irving St.
Rolls from the old Yum Yum Sushi. | Photo: Patrick H./Yelp
By Fiona Lee - Published on August 04, 2017.

When Yum Yum Sushi quietly closed after 35 years in 2015, fans of the restaurant mourned the passing of a neighborhood institution.

Now, after a brief stint as Lazy Fish and SushiYum Yum Sushi House is reclaiming its time at 2181 Irving Street. The new restaurant, which includes a former sushi chef of Yum Yum Sushi as a co-owner, opens tomorrow. 

Co-owner Albert Law told Hoodline that his partner, Chef Bai, "really liked the name that we previously used."

Co-owner Albert Law. | Photo: Fiona Lee/Hoodline

Like the old Yum Yum Sushi, the new spot will be both a fish market and restaurant, and it will serve sushi, sashimi, teriyaki and poke. 

Law and Bai wanted to stay in the neighborhood, especially since Bai has lived in the Outer Sunset for many years. Law's wife also used to live in the area, but the couple now lives in Richmond in the East Bay. 

"Everyone was sad when [the old Yum Yum] closed," Chef Bai, who declined to give us his first name, told us in Cantonese. "I had so many people ask me about it." 

Chef Bai, the sushi chef at Yum Yum Sushi and the new restaurant. | Photo: Fiona Lee/Hoodline

After working at the old restaurant, he got to really know some of his customers, he noted.

"I watched kids grow up," said Chef Bai. "They'd be this big," he said, gesturing at his knees, "and then they'd be this big," he concluded, gesturing at his head.

The new restaurant just before opening. | Photo: Fiona Lee/Hoodline

The community will continue to be a focus for the new Yum Yum Sushi House. 

"We're very locally-oriented, and we want to cater to our neighbors," said Law. 

Yum Yum Sushi House will be open daily, 11am–9pm. 

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