Excelsior-Outer Mission Crime: Pedestrian Assaults Driver, Kenny Alley Robbery, More

Excelsior-Outer Mission Crime: Pedestrian Assaults Driver, Kenny Alley Robbery, More
Photo: Cyril Fluck/Flickr
By Will Carruthers - Published on December 22, 2017.

Here’s a recap of recent criminal activity in the Excelsior and Outer Mission between December 1st and December 15th. Unless otherwise noted, all incidents were reported in the Ingleside Station's daily blotter.

Excelsior pedestrian assaults driver

A pedestrian shouted at a driver who stopped his car on Geneva Avenue in preparation for right turn onto Vienna Street on December 14th at 8:05 pm. Once the pedestrian crossed, the driver heard a loud bang from the back of his car.

Upon exiting, the driver noticed damage to his car’s rear fender and saw the pedestrian standing nearby, brandishing a large stick. The pedestrian attempted to hit the driver with the stick before fleeing into Crocker-Amazon Park, where he was arrested by five officers from Ingleside Station.

Kenny Alley armed robbery

A 20-year-old man was assaulted and robbed by two unidentified suspects of the same age on the Kenny Alley staircase around 8:06 pm on December 14th.

The suspects approached the man as he walked down the staircase towards Mission Street before punching him in the back of the head and knocking him to the ground.

One suspect held a gun to the victim’s head, while the other went through his pockets. The suspects ran north on Mission Street with the victim’s cell phone, several hundred dollars in cash and the victim’s identification.

Shoplifters return to scene of crime

Ingleside Station officers responded to a complaint of theft at the Excelsior Safeway at 10:28pm on December 14th.

A woman and man approached the checkout counter to pay for some groceries, carrying a cloth bag full of other items. When asked to buy the items in the cloth bag, the suspects refused, and a struggle ensued.

At that point, the bag's contents and the woman’s purse fell to the floor, and the suspects fled on foot.

The night manager informed police that both suspects had been caught stealing before. The female suspect's ID cards from the dropped purse and store security footage will be used as evidence in an upcoming trial.

Police arrest armed hit-and-run driver

Officers at multiple police stations worked together to stop a driver causing mayhem along Mission Street on the evening of December 13th.

The investigation began when a caller reported a man with a gun near Mission and Italy streets to Ingleside Police Station around 10:03p.m. As two officers drove to the scene, they heard a report of a white Nissan involved in a hit-and-run incident and 26th and Capp streets over the radio.

The Excelsior victims told the Ingleside Station officers that a driver in a similar car had pointed a gun at them while driving by. The victims positively identified the suspect, who turned out to be a woman.

When officers in the Mission district stopped the driver and took her into custody, they discovered two loaded weapons in her vehicle.

Drunk driver admits fault

When a caller reported a five-car collision at Munich and Excelsior streets at 9:46am on December 12th, a dispatcher heard loud arguing in the background of the call.

On the scene, a witness explained that an SUV had collided with two parked cars which struck two additional vehicles.

The SUV driver was barely able to stand and admitted to officers that the accident “was all his fault” because he had drunk “seven shots.”  The driver’s blood alcohol level was two times the legal limit, according to a test administered at Mission Station, and the driver was booked for driving under the influence.

Angry driver brandishes semi-automatic 

An argument between two drivers escalated on December 11th at 12:24am in the Excelsior after a driver headed south on Mission Street heard another driver accusing him of almost hitting his car.

The first driver responded that he had not seen the other driver and continued to drive. When the cars reached the intersection of Whittier and Mission streets, the suspect threatened the driver with a semi-automatic firearm. The victim quickly took a right turn on to Geneva Avenue and called the police.

Dodge Nitro burns in McLaren Park

Two Ingleside Station officers responded to a report of a flaming Dodge Nitro at the heart of John McLaren Park around 12:17am on Saturday, December 9th.

San Francisco Fire Department put out the blaze by the time police officers arrived, and the vehicle was impounded.

Arsonist sets fire in own garage

A man on probation for a felony charge of arson allegedly set a fire in the garage of his father’s home on the 500 block of Madrid Street at 8:48am on  December 5th.

The suspect’s parents reported the incident and firefighters extinguished the fire before much damage occurred. The man, who had been released from jail a month before, told officers that he had been “burning papers in the garage to get rid of memories.” The suspect was taken into custody.

Police-civilian teamwork leads to robbery suspect's arrest

Citizens and cops teamed up to track down a robber in Crocker-Amazon Park at 10:05am on December 1st.

A man standing in the middle of Geneva Avenue near Moscow Street flagged down a passing patrol car and told officers that two robbery victims were chasing down a robber in the park.

Upon entering the park, the officers saw several people pointing towards a man climbing a fence near the tennis courts. The suspect, who refused to surrender, was chased and detained by the officers, who recovered a gun from his person and stolen property from the area.

The victims said the suspect threatened them with a weapon while they sat in their car near the park before they gave chase. The suspect was booked at Ingleside Station on robbery and other charges.

This article was published in partnership with the Ingleside-Excelsior Light.