Pruned Panhandle Parking Protects Pedestrians, Says SFMTA

Pruned Panhandle Parking Protects Pedestrians, Says SFMTAPhoto: Google Earth
Camden Avery
Published on January 26, 2018

As reported this week by SF Citizen, SFMTA will hold a meeting on February 2nd to discuss a proposal to eliminate a series of curbside parking spaces on Fell Street along the Panhandle.

The spaces slated for removal are all adjacent to or between crosswalks at intersections, and total just over 300 linear feet.

According to agency spokesperson Ben Jose, the daylighting measures proposed will promote pedestrian safety.

Daylighting improves visibility near intersections and crosswalks. | Image: SFMTA

"Daylighting is a basic safety improvement," Jose said, "that increases visibility of pedestrians by removing visual barriers within a minimum of ten feet of a crosswalk or intersection."

The idea is to eliminate line-of-sight obstructions for pedestrians and drivers along a traffic corridor that's notoriously unsafe and—just last fall—has proven fatal.

"By converting a parking space at the crosswalk to a red painted curb," Jose said, "people won’t have to tiptoe into the street just to be able to see if vehicles are about to enter the intersection. And at the same time, people driving have a clearer view of the intersection and can see if someone is about to cross the street."

Still, the changes would lead to tighter parking in the area, particularly if two proposed Ford GoBike stations that would remove 160 linear feet of parking are approved for Ashbury and Shrader.

If implemented, the painted curbs will join the recently-installed Scott St. traffic diversion in nearby traffic-calming and safety measures.

A hearing on the proposed parking changes will be held Friday, February 2nd at 10AM in Room 416 of City Hall.