8 reasons why it matters which internet provider you choose [Sponsored]

8 reasons why it matters which internet provider you choose [Sponsored]Photo: Avi Richards/Unsplash
Published on July 10, 2019

These days, it's difficult to imagine a world without the internet — but a lot has changed since its inception. From the dial-up modems of yesteryear to the super-fast gigabit fiber that we're becoming accustomed to today, telecom and the technology that powers it is constantly evolving. 

Unfortunately, not all internet service providers (ISPs) are created equal. In a world where big telecom providers have historically low customer satisfaction ratings, one local ISP continues to stand out as a rarity in the industry: Sonic

This year marks Sonic's 25th anniversary of serving hundreds of thousands of community members with fast, affordable and trustworthy internet. Since its founding, Sonic's commitment to providing speedy and affordable internet — which puts customer satisfaction at the forefront — has remained unchanged.

Need more reasons to dump Big Telecom and choose a local internet provider like Sonic? Here are eight of ‘em:

1. You’ll ask if your new controller will put you over the data limit, and you’ll be told there isn’t one.

2. For the first time, your internet provider will become your muse, and you’ll wax poetic.

3. You’ll settle in for a Netflix session on your computer, expecting to wait several minutes before "Stranger Things" loads ... but you won’t have to wait. Because Sonic is the fastest ISP in America. Yes, America. Faster than Verizon Fios, faster than Comcast, and faster than AT&T.

4. You’ll ink the company’s name on your arm. Ok, it’s a temporary tattoo, but still. No one is sporting a Comcast tat...

5. You might have to call support, but when you do, you’ll talk to a local, knowledgeable actual human being with "Star Wars" posters all over her cube — and possibly a dog named Skywalker, because it’s a dog-friendly office.  

6. Mark Hamill liked your tweet because you’re the writer of "Rogue One," but really, you’ll just be stoked that your ISP liked it, too.

7. They won’t just connect your internet. They’ll help with your bike chain, too.

8. You’ll take to Twitter to rant about your service provider, but it turns into a rave because you only have nice things to say. Like how they saved you money, and provide great customer service!

So there you have it, San Francisco. You don’t need to settle for an overpriced internet service provider that keeps you waiting for hours on the phone before you get to speak to a human being. You don’t need to be charged more while you get less and less. You don’t need data caps. You don’t need to settle for a service that doesn’t put you first.

There’s a better internet out there. To learn more about getting Sonic’s service installed in your home or business, click here.