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Published on June 08, 2023
SF Founded Group OneTaste - Considered by Some to be a Cult - Indicted for Forced Labor, Sex Trafficking Charges

In a twisted tale of enlightenment and exploitation, the once-popular San Francisco-founded "orgasmic meditation" group, OneTaste, has its founder Nicole Daedone and former sales head Rachel Cherwitz indicted for forced labor conspiracy and forcing people to perform non-consensual sex acts. OneTaste, known for its pricey workshops and prominent presence on the TED Talk circuit, attracted media fascination that led to increasing scrutiny of the group's practices. A 2018 FBI investigation into allegations of sex trafficking, prostitution, and labor law violations followed, and now the charges have come to bear, with the potential for a maximum 20-year prison sentence for Daedone and Cherwitz.

Image: OneTaste via PRWeb

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