Illinois 'Marijuana Moms' Battle McHenry County 'Prosecutor Dad' over Weed Warning Labels

Illinois 'Marijuana Moms' Battle McHenry County 'Prosecutor Dad' over Weed Warning LabelsSource: State Sen. Heather Steans
Richard M. Sullivan
Published on November 25, 2023

In the latest bout over the smoky battlefield of marijuana legalization, Illinois' own "Marijuana Moms” are locking horns with McHenry County's State Attorney, who has taken on the moniker of 'Dad' for Mental Health, in a feud that's as personal as it is political. These cannabis-crusading moms include notable Democrats state Rep. Kelly Cassidy and Speaker Pro Tempore Jehan Gordon-Booth, who have taken umbrage at Patrick Kenneally's recent crusade to slap health warning labels in dispensaries warning against potential mental health risks of cannabis use.

Accusations of disinformation are flying faster than a hacky sack at a Phish concert, with the 'moms' clapping back at Kenneally's insistence on dispensaries in his county to boldly display warnings about the dangers of cannabis consumption, namely psychosis, depression, and suicidal thoughts as reported by the Chicago Tribune. Mr. Kenneally didn't only stop there, but also cited cases like that of William Bishop, who caused a tragic accident after vaping high-concentration THC oil, which Kenneally says, led to a state of cannabis-induced psychosis.

The 'Marijuana Moms' fired back, penning an open letter that tore into Kenneally's argument, likening him to the notorious Harry Anslinger, who historically stigmatized Mary Jane back in the 1930s. They're defending the beneficial effects of cannabis for various conditions while also pointing to the tax revenue generated as a force for good in underprivileged communities. Not to be outdone, Kenneally swung back with his own wordsmithery, accusing the group of "soft corruption" due to ties with the cannabis industry as outlined by

Kenneally clearly wants to paint a picture of dire consequences, listing off statistics linking cannabis use with an increase in mental health problems including suicide, schizophrenia, and other psychological distress. The moms, however, are not having any of it, and claim they'll continue to work towards consumer safety and public health – without standing by and watching cannabis be blamed for larger societal issues.

While the clouds of controversy billow, both factions seem to dig in deeper. The 'Marijuana Moms' allege that they stand ready to address consumer safety and public health. Conversely, Kenneally warned dispensaries that choose not to comply with his warning mandates will face litigation, in a stark demonstration of his commitment to what he believes to be protecting public mental health. As this legal and cultural joint continues to burn, everyone from lawmakers to consumers will be eagerly awaiting to see whether the smoke clears towards punitive regulation or a more lenient stand on cannabis.