City of Doral Honored by American Heart Association, Exemplary Workplace Wellness Initiatives

City of Doral Honored by American Heart Association, Exemplary Workplace Wellness InitiativesSource: City of Doral
Carlos Mendez
Published on December 07, 2023

In a move that solidifies its stance on the importance of workplace wellness, the City of Doral has garnered national acclaim from the American Heart Association (AHA). Recognized for its dedication to fostering a healthy work environment, the city received the AHA’s gold-level recognition, as announced yesterday on the city’s official website.

Doral’s efforts to promote mental health and implement organizational well-being strategies throughout 2023 have been particularly impactful. It's this commitment that has led to its achievements in the association’s 2023 Workforce Well-Being Scorecard. The award acknowledges the strides Doral has made, focusing not only on physical health but also on tackling issues like burnout, health equity, and providing financial resources for employees.

For over nine years, the city's wellness program has impressed the AHA, with the latest recognition underscoring Doral’s unwavering commitment to its employees. The program covers a range of wellness goals designed to bolster the overall health of the workforce. These goals, which have now become a gold standard, ensure that employees receive comprehensive support in various areas of their well-being.

The city is keen on sustaining, and even advancing these wellness initiatives into 2024. "We look forward to continuing our services and strategies in 2024 and will strive to achieve the highest wellness program for the City of Doral and continue our success," as the announcement stated. The intention is clear: Doral aims to carry on its successful streak in promoting a healthy workplace culture that has evidently yielded fruitful results.

The American Heart Association has long championed the importance of a health-focused culture in the workplace, setting forth best practices that enable organizations like Doral to prioritize employee well-being.