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Cooler Temps and Rip Current Warnings, Possible Showers Loom Ahead

Cooler Temps and Rip Current Warnings, Possible Showers Loom AheadSource: Unsplash/ Drew Hays
Ethan Anderson
Published on December 09, 2023

The city braces for a change in weather. According to forecasts, the region is set to chill out, with highs plateauing near 80 degrees today under mostly sunny skies, as per the National Weather Service. Evening revelers can expect a mostly cloudy night ahead with a comfortable low of 72 degrees.

The upcoming forecast suggests that partly to mostly cloudy conditions persist. NBC Miami reports dangerous windy conditions along the beaches, spiking the risk of rip currents for anyone braving the surf. For Saturday, the chance of rain daring to drizzle over Miami remains low, but Sunday seems less sparse. With an anticipated 30 percent chance of showers post 1:00 p.m. Sunday, with gusty conditions as a front saunter in, South Florida is looking at some unsettled skies.

A mixed bag of partly sunny days and mostly cloudy nights will settle across the city on Monday, making a milder climb to approximately 76 degrees, while the north-northwest winds flex at around 14 mph. NBC Miami reports that next week, it looks like the 70s will be where temperatures settle and remain but unfortunately, scattered showers will also stay in the forecast. The front stalls and begins lifting back to the north by the end of the week.

The NBC Miami extended its outlook with a forecast of potential showers through Friday. While falling temperatures Sunday night salute the 60s, a parade of partly sunny and mostly cloudy days marches on through next week, with temperatures content to camp in the 70s.


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