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Miami Forecast: Early Sunshine to Give Way to Cooler Temperatures and Increasing Rain Chances

Miami Forecast: Early Sunshine to Give Way to Cooler Temperatures and Increasing Rain ChancesSource: Google Street View
Livi Miller
Published on December 10, 2023

Miami residents should enjoy the early sunshine while it lasts, as today's forecast predicts a shift to cooler temperatures and increased chances of rain heading into the workweek, potentially dampening daily routines, according to the National Weather Service. The warm low 80s Miami is experiencing will soon be replaced with highs taking a dip to more refreshing 70s, some relief from the southeast wind gusting up to 18 mph.

A 20% chance of showers later in the day will mark the start of a downward turn the region's weather is slated to take—while temps are agreeable, now beachgoers should remain wary of dangerous rip currents and breezy seaside conditions. Soon,  inland areas will also feel the blustery bite as the odds for precipitation mount. This information comes from the National Weather Service. Dusk's daylight will see showers spiking up to a 40% likelihood, ushering cooler evening air ahead of rainy rumbles that could scatter across South Florida's skies.

As the week unfolds, locals should brace for unsettled weather patterns; a stationary front situated to the south will creep northward midweek, and shower probabilities will climb yet again, reaching up to a 70% chance by Wednesday, the National Weather Service forecasts indicate. Subsequent nights follow suit, with showers likely and thunderstorms also possible before and after the stroke of 1:00 a.m., with temperatures hovering around the breezy 70s.

Wrapping up the week, Miami's weather patterns seem to be lodged firmly in a state of flux; the rain could be heavy at times, as Friday promises a 50% chance of showers, and the weekend keeps the trend with similar shower and thunderstorm chances. Nighttime lows are expected to drift around the 70-degree mark, while days will strive to peak near 79 degrees, according to reports from NBC Miami.

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