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Miami Grapples with Rare Cold Snap, Moderate Air Pollution Concerns

Miami Grapples with Rare Cold Snap, Moderate Air Pollution ConcernsSource: Google Street View
Alec Novak
Published on December 07, 2023

Miami residents better bundle up as the city experiences its coldest temperatures in over half a year. According to CBS News Miami, a streak of cold fronts is to thank for the brisk weather that's hit South Florida, with meteorologist Lissette Gonzalez reporting lows in the upper 50s. "We're seeing the coldest air we've had since February," Gonzalez said, driving home the point that Miami folks might want to keep their sweaters out for just a tad bit longer. The region, which only last weekend was flirting with record high temperatures, is expected to see highs just cresting into the low 70s, but the forecasts are showing promise of warmth creeping back in as the weekend approaches.

While the chill may have some unexpected benefits, like giving air conditioners a momentary rest, residents should be advised that the crisp air isn't the only thing to keep an eye on. The air quality in Miami is getting its fair share of attention too—and not for good reasons. According to a live air quality report by Plume Labs, the air in Miami is "moderately polluted", a notch above the annual limit set by the World Health Organization (WHO). For locals, this means that they are now having to breathe in air that's categorically declared to put them at risk if exposed over the long term. The report, visible on Plume Labs' website, emphasizes that this level of pollution could potentially have serious health implications.

Gonzalez, tipping off residents about the relatively dry forecast ahead, said there's "only a 10 percent chance for rain over the next two days."

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